Coleman's Christmas Tree Farm
School & Group Tours
We invite you and your class to discover the enviromental benefits of tree farming while having fun on the farm. We believe our tour provides enjoyment as well as an educational experience for teachers and students alike. Tours will begin Mid-September and continue through December. You will join us for a hayride through the fields of trees to learn about the growth, care, and the environmental benefits of plantation-grown Christmas trees. The tour will also make a stop at the pond so everyone can feed the ducks and geese. Then we will visit our birds in pens.  We have a wide variety of birds including exotic pheasants, wild and exotic turkeys, peacocks, gineas, and many different kinds of chickens-including the Delaware Blue Hen. At the end of the tour everyone will recieve a plastic, resuable pumpkin/apple filled with cider and 2 cookies.

We also have a large playground, which includes a real Indian Tipi, that is appropriate for all ages.

If you would like to stay for lunch, we have a pavillion with about 40 picnic tables, and it is also enclosed in plastic.

Tour scheduling begins in August, so be sure to call early to reserve the date you would like to visit us. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a date, please call 302-378-8949 or 302-378-1990.

The cost is $8.50 per person. Everyone pays including students, teachers, chaperones, and any siblings brought with chaperones. 

We have a gift shop with hundreds of inexpensive ornaments and gifts that is available for the children to shop in. Our Ice Cream Shop will also be open. Ice cream is $.70/ounce. For Ice Cream flavors, please see the ICE CREAM SHOP page.
Christmas Tours

With our Christmas tour your class will recieve:
- One tree for every 25 people
- A wreath demonstration and a wreath 
    for every 25 people
- A plastic, resusable apple filled with
    cider and 2 cookies

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